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Magazines for Sale.  
02:40pm 04/01/2008
Arena 37C

Vol. 216, Sep 2000
Cover: Dir en grey (Macabre)
             TM. Revolution
             Malice Mizer
             Luna Sea
             Plastic Tree

Price: $35+ s&h (bottom of page)

Fool's Mate

Vol.150, May 2004
Cover: Dir en grey (The Final)

*note: you will be the third owner, there is light shelf ware. *

Price: $35 + s&h (bottom of page)


October 2004
                Pyshco le Cemu
                Plastic Tree
                The Flare
                La'Cryma Christi
                Antic Cafe (pictures here)

Price: $40
+s&h (bottom of page)


Vol. 150, Aug 2005
Cover: Nightmare (20 Pages + Poster)
             Plastic Tree
(Star Wars Edition)
             Miyavi (Luke Skywalker Edition)
             D'espairs Ray
             Shoujo Lolita 23ku
             Antic Cafe
             alice nine.

Price: $25
+ s&h (bottom of page)

Vol. 153, Nov 2005
Cover: Plastic Tree (20 pages + poster)
             La'Cryma Christi
             Antic Cafe (article plus "pizza" ad)
             Shoujo Lolita 23ku

Price $25 +s&h (bottom of page)

Vol. 27, Nov 1994
Cover: hide (25 page edition)
Contents: L'Arc en Ciel
               Ladies Room

Price: $40 +
s&h (bottom of page)


Inside the USA:
                      1-2 magazines:
                                 2 days :$4.60
Overnight : $16.25

2+ magazines: add $2.00 to either 2 day or overnight.

Outside the USA:
                      **Shipping starts at $11 for 1-2 and any additional will receive an estimate after given location.**




EMAIL fugginrockstarbish@hotmail.com w/ orders~!
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My Trip to Japan in June. </3  
11:32am 03/01/2008
So...I am going to Japan for the month of June and have been doing all my homework on it X'P However, I realized that the only way I am going to get tickets under a thousand dollars is to book like two weeks before I go, which makes me super nervous because if I don't get tickets that will take me there by the date I need to check into my apartment I will need to pay a fee of 1K...yeah, that would suck. But I don't want to spend more than necessary on plane tickets either...so I guess I take my chances??

so nervous...

oh. New hair = new pictures.



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12:46am 23/12/2007
Yeah, I'm sooo awesome. It's only been forever since I've last posted...which I guess isn't so bad, because I never really say anything interesting anyways.

Well, now I have to say that I am going to see BLOOD in February and then MUCC, D'ESPAIRS RAY, and TRANSIT NERVE (the underground) in March. It's so excited. I would start a countdown but I would end up forgetting. ^-^;

Anyways. New hair again, although I suppose this picture doesn't show it all too well...

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What Do You Have To Say? - Music: My First Favorite Band  
02:40pm 12/09/2007
What was the first band you became a fan of?
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So sleepy(=_=;;)  
03:22pm 05/09/2007
Ack, I am sooo sleepy today! I almost fell asleep in myths and legends, it didn't help that it wasa reading day either. Speaking of reading, I just finished Jane Austin's Northhanger Abbey. It wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be, but it was still quiet good. I can now totally tell where todays regency romance novelists get inspiration from...her book sounded like every other regency book that's being published nowadays but since she wrote this way back when it's obvious that they are copying from her and not vice-versa. Anyways, I just started Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist. Once again, it's not as good as I thought it would be so far, but it's ok. Dickens writing is amazing though...but I guess that doesn't make sense, so let me clarify. His actual writing skill is awesome. He's a very detailed oriented author. His writing is very elegant, very refined. I really have a lot of respect and admiration of his skill but as for the story itself...I find it kind of dry. Now, I am only on the 5th chapter so perhaps I shouldn't be judging it too harshly quiet yet but it's getting hard for me to stay interested in the book. Oh well, We shall see how it all turns out. It's funny though, I'm also reading another book by an author that's the exact opposite of Dickens. The book is I Know This Much Is True and the author's Wally Lamb. It's a larger book, and very graphic in places but it is an amazing read. I'm half way through and I haven't become bored once.Now, as for Lamb's writing skills, let me say this much; he is not Dickens. I am not saying he is a bad writer, far from it in fact, but his writing technique is of a completely different nature. Lamb's writing is coarse and sometimes a little crude, but it gives the book a feel of reality. A person can really relate to the main character and the things that go on, not necessarily to the extent of the happenings in the book but the over all feeling of familiarity is most definitely there. Sometimes it's real enough to the point where a person feels that it's surreal, if that makes any sense whats so ever. Honestly, the only way I can describe Lambs writing and this story is chillingly thrilling.

But back to school. Today there was a Code Yellow lock down during sixth hour.Basically, we weren't allowed to leave the classroom, or in my case the gym, until they announced that the lock down was over which was about 20 minutes into 7th period. Then they wouldn't say why we had the lock down which really upset me. I just want to know...the curiosity of it is killing me. heh. I should be able to find out tomorrow in school though, things like that don't stay secret for long.

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Crayola crayon inspired.  
04:08pm 04/09/2007
So I dyed my hair. I've always wanted it to look like crayola crayon red, and I totally did it finally! Anyways, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and since I only did a section of my hair I have extra dye to fix it up again once it starts to fade...then again, I might want to dye it a different color by the time that happens. Who knows? LOL.

Oh. I got my orders! I was super excited...I love the Kannialism CD's the most...they are amazing! That band is definitely becoming one of my favorites! Which reminds me, I wasn't as unhappy with An Cafe's sinlge as I thought I was goign to be. It was actually ok. A little boring in places but otherwise not that bad. The last song is my all time fave on it! I'm fairly certain it's about Bou, and Vanessa thinks so too. I was realyl surprised by the lack in keyboarding, I mean they didn't have any less than usual but I thought since they added Yuki in as an official member that they were going to up it some. Oh well. my bad. Takuya's guitar work isn't that bad, now it's not as great as Bou's was quiet yet but hey, the kid is new so I'l give him slack. I'm sure he'll improve fairly quickly with how buisy they've been.

...yeah, I'm outta updates. No. Wait. School has started but not much to say there. It's a little boring but that is never a surprise. heh. Just can't wait for this year to end. Then JAPAN!!! X'DDD

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It's raining, it's pouring.  
11:16am 19/08/2007
It's been raining really hard today, which I don't mind at all because I love the rain!b(^_^)d
I went on a walk in it and got tons of 'what a freak' stares which amused me immensely. Anyways, it was really pretty and even though it started to stop towards the end of my walk it still looked gorgeous and smelled terrific! (^_-)-☆ bai~bai

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01:50pm 13/08/2007
Wow. Time flies. It fucking flies.

Sorry felt the need to quote Yoshiki. Anyways, obviously the concert came, and it was amazing!! There's really no other way to describe it...it was just so cool! Perfect even...I dunno. Anyways I would give a late review but I'm going to go back to my actual journal first so that I make sure I don't forget anything...so that will come later. Some other news; the school year finished, finished with a shrinking GPA of 3.123. Ok, I guess but quiet a bit lower than my 3.756. heh. Guess I'll have to try harder this last year. Yeah. My LAST year. I'm going to be senior! My god how awesome and messed up is that!? School starts the 27th so there's not much summer vacation left, but honestly I'm ok with that. It's been a barely tolerable summer and I'm ready to get back to doing things and using my brain. But yeah, not much else to really say...Bou left An Cafe, which really killed me; however, after watching the Last Live DVD and becoming even more depressed for awhile,I think I'm finally becoming used to the idea. And I kinda have a little place in my heart for Yuki and Takuya already...while Yuki certainly looks like the odd one out, both of them seem to really belong to Antic Cafe. I don't know...I can't wait to hear the latest single fully. It comes out August 23rd so I should be getting it around the 27th at latest. I'm actually getting alot more with it too..and some other things from different sights. I went on this little online shopping spree ^^;;Here's a list of what I'll be getting within the next few weeks;

kannivalism / Nu age.[w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
kannivalism / Hoshi no Yoru[w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
kannivalism / small world[w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
kannivalism / small world[w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]
kannivalism / small world[Regular Edition]
Antic Cafe, Kra / hevn 5th Anniversary Special Release[BOOK+CD]
Antic Cafe / Kakusei Heroism - The Hero without A "Name"[Limited
Antic Cafe / Kakusei Heroism - The Hero without A "Name"[w/ DVD,
Limited Edition]
Antic Cafe / Kakusei Heroism - The Hero without A "Name"[Regular
BREAKERZ / Breakerz
Denno:oblaat/ Tour Good (it didn't say what but it said that it didn't have scratches so I'm assuming it's a CD?)
Shoxx/ September 2007
Cure#007/ It has these pictures in it:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
shoxx/ Volume 10. 1992
ShoxxBis/#02 08/07/2004
Fool's Mate/7 Rock n press 309 july 2007
Raphael/White Love Story

^^;; yeah, I know...it's a lot. Anyways, yesterday I went to the woodfield Mall and bought this stuff:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

bottle of Strawberry glitter lotion from Libby Lu's
bag of Fairy body dust from Libby Lu's
Kuromi Mirror from Sanrio
Keroppi Wallet From Sanrio
Green Tea from Mitsuwa
Perfume from The Body Shop

I think I have a shopping problem. >,<

By the way, picture courtesy of my...dundundundun....Camera Phone! Finally!
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The Countdown begins...  
09:30pm 07/02/2007
Considering Dir en grey's new album, Marrow of a Bone, just came out and there is only 6 days until i see them LIVE in HOB CHICAGO, I thought that I'd officially begin my countdown. SO, without further aideu,

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I feel the need to specify...  
02:38pm 11/01/2007
Ok, so you see all these awesome icons I use? Yes? Well good, but I must admit that they are not mine. Alas, I have no icon making skills to speak of so anything and everything that I use is either found searching or is given to me by friends. I just don't want to be accused of 'stealing'...it's more of borrowing without the owners knowledge or consent. So if you like the icons that's great, but I didn't make them.

On a different note, here's some Lolita 23q;

[which I also didn't make]

OH WAIT! That is not the end of this entry! I also feel the need to express my growing love for oshare fashion, which seems to be incorperating itself into my closet a little bit more each day. So, yeah I love Oshare Kei! Yep indeed...I like how colorful and candy like it is. [Yes, I like candy....]Colors attrack me. Then again, I also enjoy anything that is darker like Visual Kei...ahh, polar oppisites. 'tis fun, no?
I'll eventually post pictures, but forst I have to find my camera and find time to take the pics...now is the end.
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